Jacqueline Aquilina Macri

Video, Audio & Editing

I'm a one-stop-shop.

I shoot, edit and deliver.

From instructional videos to live events
to business promotional videos; whatever
you need, together we can make it happen.

Mobile: 416.704.9054
Email: jacquiemacri@gmail.com

      Corporate Videos  -  Instructional Videos  -  Promotional Videos  -  Documentaries  -  Short Films  -  Live Events

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Top of the line equipment and competative rates.

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"Jacqueline is amazing! What I liked was that I told her what I wanted and she took care of everything and made it happen better than I had hoped."–Dr. Michael Rodney

"Jacqueline demonstrated creative initiative, flexibility, punctuality and knowledge of its craft - all delivered in a professional and personable manner."–Amarok Society

"I have used Jacquie extensively for several productions and found her to have an excellent eye as a camera person and a firm grasp of what a producer wants as an editor. I would highly recommend her and have done so to other major production companies and will not hesitate to use her services again whenever the occasion arises."" –The Guild of Automotive Restorers

"Initial feedback from the videos has been excellent! Jacqueline was professional and exceptionally helpful in putting together our training videos. We are so grateful that she has volunteered to work with some of our children teaching video production!"–Camp Winston